The 80% Is Your Missed Opportunity

October 8, 2019

Every HR and human capital team out there is asking themselves one question: How do we up-level the 80%?

I know this from experience. Before founding HumanQ, I worked in the HR field for more than 10 years, and while it was often exciting, I remember the 80% question being something of a challenge in nearly every company for which I worked.

What is the 80%?

The so-called 80% (in HR speak) refers to those team members who fall, performance-wise, in the center of the company. Every company has its top 10% of performers, and its bottom 10%; the 80% is the lion’s share employees of most companies — those that fall somewhere in between.

In every business, these are the people who make up the most significant portion of a workforce. Interestingly, though, I’ve found many companies do not give them the attention they deserve.

Instead, I’ve seen companies spend time developing programs for top talent, and significant energy and resources managing low performers out of the organization or into different roles.

Playing to the 80%

I believe that focusing and cultivating the talent of the middle can be among a company’s strongest competitive advantages. As it stands now, it is certainly the biggest missed opportunity.

Whenever you hire, there is a strong chance that the new employee will likely be in the 80%, so if this is the pool you are most often feeding, then why not play to the 80%?

What if you worked to up-level your 80% so they could start to think, act, and create value, just like your top 10%?

Can you imagine what it would mean to have 90% of your organization thinking big, acting big, and engaged at the highest level?

This is a tremendous opportunity for every company on the planet.

Benefits of focusing on the 80%

There are infinite benefits that come from focusing on the 80% — here are a few:

  • Happier employees that are engaged, committed, and loyal (and happy employees = happy customers)
  • Less time and money spent on hiring (because you know more often than not, you’re feeding the 80% when you hire)
  • A culture where everyone is valued and has the opportunity to do the best work of their life (this is when you reap the benefits of fully engaged employees)

I want us to live in a world where we provide everyone the same opportunities to unlock their full potential.

I want the 80% to have a chance to dream and excel.

If you’re reading this thinking — “Wait! I’m in the 80% at my company!” — know that we are on your side and would love to help your company focus on up-leveling your contribution satisfaction at work.

Because when we focus on the 80%, everyone wins.

What would that solve for your organization?


Nishika de Rosairo | CEO and Founder | HumanQ

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