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I founded HumanQ (previously known as Experiential Insight) in 2019 because it was my life’s calling. Super cheesy, I know, but it’s actually true! I’ve always been extremely passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential, because I have experienced firsthand how the right development can literally unlock an individual's life. From a very young...

Work is no longer a place. It’s a mindset.August 19, 2022

The secret to creating a company of problem solversJuly 18, 2022

Was diversity a fad, a movement or real change?June 17, 2022

A CHRO needs to fill a couch, not just a seat. Are you prepared?May 24, 2022

The Power Of Realistic OptimismMay 5, 2022

Will the Metaverse (really) bring us together?April 7, 2022

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We’re excited to let you know our name is changing from Experiential Insight to HumanQ.

Transitioning to our new name HumanQ will take a few weeks and as such you may see both names in the website. Thank you for your patience as we make this transition experience seamless for you.