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Tom Gills SVP & General Manager @ VMWARE

HumanQ diligently worked with me to create bespoke Coaching Tracks to transform how my engineering managers think about and approach their work. Getting out of the weeds of the day-to-day technical work can be tough, but these Coaching Tracks allowed them to dedicate 1-hour to their own development each week. The sessions allowed them to move out of left brain technical skills and further develop right brain creative thinking. This has allowed members of my organization to adopt a coaching mindset, increase their ability to communicate, better problem solve, and be more influential in the workplace. As a result of the initial pilot’s success, we are now working with HumanQ on a 12 month program for our Managers, as well as our Individual Contributors and Directors.

Rating 5/5

Keleigh AsburyDirector of alumni career services @ Penn State Smeal College of Business

Our coaching partnership with HumanQ has been invaluable to the mission of maintaining a dynamic and inclusive community at Smeal. The personal and professional growth of each faculty, staff, and student is crucial to building and sustaining one of the very best business education programs in the world. I recommend HumanQ as a partner that will grow and learn right along with you, ensuring that the needs of your different stakeholders are in line with how they deliver.

Rating 5/5

Liz BrackettGlobal Business Strategy Director @ Microsoft

We have partnered with HumanQ to add value across our global regions with the goal of building leader mindsets, creating organization alignment, and rebuilding connection and engagement in this accelerated digital age. HumanQ’s Group Coaching model is unique and powerful, and we’re looking forward to our ongoing partnership.

Rating 5/5

Coachee Testimonials

Paul ChadhaCorporate Counsel @ Accenture

My experience with the HumanQ Group Coaching Program was really great. The things I liked the most out of the Group Coaching experience were being able to meet other members of the groups, think about new issues, and get valuable feedback from my Coaches. I was able to focus on specific time thinking about my career in a different way which I found very valuable. I would rate HumanQ a 5/5 as it has positively impacted my career! I would definitely recommend this experience to my colleagues and friends.

Rating 5/5

Philip E ErhurunAudit Manager @ KPMG

I enjoyed my experience going through a Coaching Track with HumanQ. The things that I liked the most out of my Group Coaching experience was the discussions and experiences shared amongst the group. We were challenged to take action steps in order to reach our goals which allowed me to focus on my self-awareness. I would definitely recommend this experience to a colleague as anyone can gain value from it. Group Coaching has positively impacted my career because it helped me to be more open-minded and accepting of diverse views/perspectives. I would rate HumanQ a 5/5!

Rating 5/5

Tamaira Binion Assistant Director, Alumni and Constituent Engagement @ Carnegie Mellon

What I enjoyed most in my Group Coaching experience was being able to hear my peers’ thoughts and experiences. It gave me a chance to reflect and hear different perspectives, especially because we were all in different places in our careers. The Coaching Track kept us focused which was extremely valuable. It was easy to go off topic a bit, but having the Coaching Track to follow and build upon was helpful. As a result, I have been able to apply quite a few tools that I learned to my everyday work individually and to my team which has positively impacted my career. I would definitely recommend this experience to a colleague or friend. I would give HumanQ a 4.5/5!

Rating 4.5/5


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