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Our Products

HumanQ is a structured marketplace that delivers consistent Group Coaching at scale. Our products include Coaching Tracks and Drop-In Coaching Sessions. Each of these products follows a consistent and structured approach to facilitating individual, peer-to-peer, and experiential learning aligned with your organization’s top priorities. Coaching Tracks and Drop-In Coaching Sessions are leveraged to complement each other and accelerate a culture of fast learning and heightened connection and impact.
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We developed HyperQ to blend the more traditional business intelligence with Visionary Intelligence and Emotional & Social Intelligence. The result is a powerful combination that unlocks a new level of human potential

The result: accelerated impact for organizations worldwide

Group Coaching makes us stronger together

Group Coaching enables your organization to achieve exponential results by building leader mindsets, reenacting water cooler conversations, breaking silos, and increasing innovation. Group Coaching focuses on driving your organization’s agenda vs 1:1 Coaching, which is focused on the individual’s agenda.

1:1 Coaching


Group Coaching

The transformative power of Group Coaching

Real ROI in real time

Group progress can be tracked through a comprehensive HumanQ dashboard, and additional resources can help you provide greater support, every step of the way.
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Group Coaching drives consistent, tangible results

Develop More Resilience
Develop More Influence
Develop More Ownership
Develop a Growth Mindset
Increased Engagement
Increased Performance
Increased Strategic Approach
Increased Impactful Actions


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