Our Resolutions For 2022 Might Not Be What You Think

January 19, 2022

Every new year, it’s tradition for people to reflect on their personal and professional goals. And even though there’s a common understanding these resolutions are often broken, the act of putting them together, at the very least, makes everyone feel good. We’ve put together some thoughts to guide our 2022, and these aren’t just feel-good resolutions, but ones we truly intend to stand by. 

Why resolutions are important

While it would be easier to lean into business as usual and fine-tune the tried and true, this year we’ve consciously turned our thinking to business as unusual. In the past couple of years, where, when and how we work have changed for good, so that led us in a different direction.

Resolution One: Lead with empathy 

At this point, we all know the pandemic is not something that’s going to go away. But by and large, we’ve figured out how to deal with it in our daily lives. However, when it comes to business, there’s a great deal of uncertainty. There’s a lot we’ve had to figure out on the fly – how to manage a hybrid workforce, how to care for loved ones while also getting work done, how to teach our children while also managing our teams. No longer can we rely on a commute to separate our personal and professional lives.  

If the Great Transition has taught us anything, it’s that investing in people’s personal lives, helping them problem solve, paying attention and triaging burnout will help retain talent, while also forging long-lasting and meaningful relationships.

Resolution Two: Enable the right kind of productivity

We’re not saying anything new when we say remote work is here to stay. And the benefits have proven out time and again. But one benefit we think needs more attention is the rise in productivity. On the surface, it means people are getting their work done. But productivity can be a false flag. Remote work has put some workers further into silos and curtailed day-to-day communication, which may in fact decrease other things that affect productivity, without us even realizing it. Productivity in a vacuum doesn’t reach its potential, so ensuring that you’re enabling the right kind of productivity is key.

Resolution Three: Lead and be led

We have routinely seen empowerment take shape in intimate and trusted circles where psychological safety exists. What we’ve found at HumanQ is when we put six different perspectives into a digital room everyone has a valuable voice, and things move in the right direction. The beauty of knowing when to lead, and when to be led, is in knowing when to be vulnerable, because true leaders know that vulnerability is power. We’re talking about the power of different perspectives taking flight, the non-traditional thinkers creating new dynamics, and unexpected ideas coming into action. 

Who’s to say where business will be in a year. We certainly wouldn’t have guessed our current circumstances two years ago. But the fact is things have changed for good. And if we lean in and dedicate ourselves to the opportunity in this moment, we can take on whatever the future has to offer.

What are you doing to accept, adapt to and embrace this new culture of change?

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