Learning Fuels Passion And Passion Builds Purpose

April 28, 2020

Traditional career models need to be thrown out and completely revamped. Millennials and Gen Z currently make up over a third of the entire workforce (38 percent) [1] and have impacted how we work. Gallup research tells us that millennials don’t just work for a paycheck — they want a purpose [2]. Ultimately we are all human, so it’s only natural that the focus has shifted to an innately human desire — a value that this young generation is holding the rest of us accountable to. So, all you have to do is start with purpose and you’ll build a workforce that does their best work, right?

Not quite — purpose is the outcome of a journey that starts with learning.

Consistent development cycles expand the mind as it faces new challenges, which become opportunities to overcome those obstacles and grow. Aside from new insights, skills, and methods to problem solve, these imperative growth moments provide individuals with a chance to build their resilience muscles and the ability to embrace failure. The insights gained from these learning opportunities equip individuals to do the best work of their life and increase their ability to innovate and take on projects that they have a genuine interest in. These soft skills are crucial for navigating change in the Future of Work. But they aren’t just soft skills, they are what we call Success Skills – we would simply not be able to move forward without them. Solidifying the ability to move through change quickly will open the doors to a variety of roles and opportunities. Pushing leaders to do their best work really means equipping them with the right skills to do what they do best and move into roles they feel passionate about.

Once you have passion, purpose is built.

Following your passion sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? Well, it is how it sounds! Allowing individuals to do what they’ve always wanted to do creates purpose. Employees can wake up every day and go to work knowing that the work they are doing is rooted in something bigger, and that something bigger is clear to them because it was born of their own passion. There’s a formula for finding your ‘why’, and it starts with the exploratory phase of consistent learning.



Nishika de Rosairo | CEO and Founder | HumanQ

Contact Nishika: nishika@humanq.com

Contact HumanQ: info@humanq.com

Website: humanq.com


[1] CNBC, How millennials and Gen Z are reshaping the future of the workforce

[2] Gallup, What millennials want is good for your business

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