How I Created Next Level Impact In 3 Weeks

June 9, 2020

In just 3 weeks, I took steps to change the trajectory of what success looks like in my future.  Want to know how? Through a process of introspection, cohort feedback and perspective expansion.

Learning Through Myself

I participated in an accelerated Coaching Track with 5 others, for 6 sessions, over 3 weeks. I’ll tell you firsthand that this was very different from any other leadership training or course I’ve ever taken. I was encouraged to push my thinking to the next level and look within myself to draw new concepts that I may not have recognized on my own. My Coach brought a global view to my thinking, and her understanding of how to communicate complex issues in a simple manner was excellent. She helped to navigate through my thoughts and remove mental blocks that may have prevented me from uncovering new thinking in the past — enabling me to shape my own new thoughts and answers. It was through my Coach’s thought-provoking questions that I was able to gain a new perspective, reflect on internal bias or assumptions, and grow.

Learning Through My Peers

My Coach was able to pull the knowledge and wisdom from the group and connect our thoughts into common themes. The safe space allowed everyone a chance to speak, share their open and honest views, and work through real issues. Being able to connect with others was so powerful in a way that developed empathy quickly and a shared understanding between everyone in the group. There were situations that I had not yet experienced myself, and I was able to gain a new understanding that I know will benefit me in the future should I experience something similar. Being able to develop and grow through other’s perspectives is a unique experience that allowed the cohort to feel supported and expand our mindsets.

Through this experience, I identified where I was now, questioned where I wanted to be, and created a plan for how I would get there.

Alesha Stefanissin | Head of Sales and Marketing | Weta Workshop

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