Will the Metaverse (really) Bring Us Together?

April 7, 2022

The Metaverse is a popular topic of conversation these days, but some of the conversations seem to be around what it is in the first place. As with any emerging technology or idea, it’s hard to grasp what it really means until we have some concrete examples. At HumanQ, we see the vague nature of the offering as all upside, because it means we can play a part in defining what the Metaverse really means.

The common definition goes something like this: The Metaverse is a virtual space where people can come together, as avatars, to meet as though they are all in the same space. 

We understand that, as with any new concept or technology, there will be a learning curve for each and every employee before the power of tools created in the Metaverse can become realities. And we see potential in using Metaverse tools to help people learn about the Metaverse itself. Through Coaching Sessions that meet in the Metaverse, we can help people realize their powerful potential. But before we get to sounding too much like the Matrix, let’s get to where we see the real power beyond this new horizon.

It’s not about how we use the new technology, but how the new technology allows us to interact with each other. The Metaverse has the potential to make global business personal.

The Metaverse can bring us back together

The remote workplace is no longer a trend or “the new normal.” It’s simply a new part of how everyday business is done. And while productivity is up and work-life balance seems achievable, being remote has also separated us from our co-workers. Even with video conferencing, it’s all too easy to zone out or “multitask” when we should be contributing to the conversation. And in an ironic twist, it’s meeting in the Metaverse that will bring us back together, around the table, where we can be more present, personable, and ultimately productive as a group.

The Metaverse can make digital more personal

We have done our fair share of Group Coaching sessions in 55+ countries to facilitate digital transformation, and a big hurdle in adopting something like AI or automation is that the powerful actions happen behind the scenes. We don’t see a lot of technology working behind the scenes. We just see the output of what it does. And it’s not always easy to see the value in that output. 

But as we see it, the Metaverse has the potential to be different. Yes, there’s more going on behind the scenes than ever before, but the end result is more distinctly human and personal than any technology that has come before. It not only allows us to become people who can be anywhere but people who can have interpersonal experiences we never could have before.

The Metaverse can help add more humans to human relations

We’re piling more responsibilities on HR professionals than ever before, and it’s meant more adoption of technology to stay on top of everything. But when it comes to hiring people and helping them to grow within the organization, that technology seems to have gotten in the way of literal human relations. While everything should be about bringing the right people together, technology often seems to be isolating us all the more. 

Is it starting to feel like we’re back at the beginning of the Internet all over again? Talking about what could be, might be, and will be? It sure feels that way to us. But seeing how far we’ve come in the relatively short Internet age, we couldn’t be more excited about the potential of where the next steps can take us. Even if that step makes us less aware that technology is there in the first place. Only time will tell, but we plan to be right there making things happen along the way.

HumanQ is a live video platform for Group Coaching designed to create psychologically safe spaces that build engagement, connection, and impact at every level of an organization. To date, HumanQ has delivered to over 73 countries worldwide leveraging a global expert network of coaches to unlock human potential. For more information on the impact of group coaching with HumanQ contact us at info@humanq.com

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