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Are you looking for a consistent approach to build your organizations capabilities at scale?

Our Group Coaching model is leading top organizations into the future of work using a neuroscience-based methodology to unlocking human potential in a way that challenges assumptions, changes mental models and ultimately drives new behaviors.

Group Coaching

It’s time to stop training
people and start coaching them

Group Coaching unlocks human potential for the digital age in a collaborative, interactive, safe space, by harnessing the power of the individual and that of the group. With intimate cohorts of up to six individuals, Group Coaching Programs run anywhere from 6 weeks to 12+ months.

Coaching Tracks

Coaching Tracks provide actionable Group Coaching to help individuals build on weekly hot topics aligned to your organization’s challenges, core values and leadership capabilities.

Drop-In Coaching Sessions

Drop-In Coaching Sessions provide live, timely, on demand Coaching to help individuals deep dive into strategic topics aligned with your organization’s priorities.

The water cooler effect, multiplied

Group Coaching accelerates the flow of ideas, action and impact from groups to your organization to the world.

The three core principles of Group Coaching

Individual Learning

The ability to grow and
develop on your own

Augmented Learning

The ability to grow and develop through others

Experiential Learning

The ability to grow and develop through your Coach and take action

How are you building talent to reach their full potential for greater impact and engagement?

The solution lies
in your people

Lack of Success Skills beyond basic training prevents individuals from reaching their full potential. Investments in people drive organizational performance and accelerated success. At HumanQ, it all starts with Group Coaching.


What is HyperQ®?

Visionary Intelligence (VQ) multiplied by Emotional & Social Intelligence (VSQ)

How was HyperQ® developed?
How will HyperQ® unlock your organization’s full potential?

HumanQ is the global leader in solving
organizational needs through HyperQ®

We implement HyperQ® through our Group Coaching Programs customized to your organizations goals, challenges and opportunities.


Quantifiable results, time after time

Net Promoter Score
Average Session Rating
Average Coach Rating

Real ROI in real time

Group progress can be tracked through a comprehensive HumanQ dashboard, and additional resources can help you provide greater support, every step of the way.

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