What TikTok can teach us about working better together

November 1, 2022

When you think about upskilling your organization, you probably wouldn’t look to a teenager for answers. But since you wouldn’t we will. And what we’ve found is that there’s a lot to learn about group dynamics, Group Coaching and corporate collaboration on TikTok. 

Before we begin, we do want to point out that there’s plenty on TikTok that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about. We’re not going to try to rationalize dance crazes, life hacks or 30-second recipes. But what TikTok has done, in a relatively short amount of time, is build a worldwide community where different voices are heard and welcomed. And that’s where we can all learn a few things.

All viewpoints welcomed

The TikTok platform is a place where anyone doing or saying anything can be heard. There’s a freedom users have to say or do what they feel. They know what they put out there is open to praise, criticism or even duplication. The most interesting, entertaining or compelling ideas rise to the top. In corporate culture, we can learn from giving everyone a voice. The best ideas can only rise to the top if the people they come from believe it’s ok to be heard.

Keep it simple

The fabric of TikTok is short-form video. The things that resonate with people are the things that are easily digested in that short period of time. Whether it’s a dance, a joke or an opinion, TikTok users reward people for being concise. All too often in the business world, every detail is scrutinized to the detriment of the simple, big idea. If you go deeper than the point you need to make, it often gets lost in the details. 

Move at the speed of ideas

In all social media, and especially on TikTok, ideas and trends move faster than most news. The most popular notions reach millions of eyeballs in a span of minutes. The lightspeed journey of the idea garners immediate reactions, imitations and modification by other users, making the core idea evolve in real time. While business ideas don’t and probably shouldn’t move as fast as memes, there’s something very valuable in this notion. Keeping ideas fresh, free-flowing and open to modification means something tangible can be achieved in the span of a single conversation.

If you’re looking for change in the dynamics of your organization, sometimes it’s good to look outside of the usual suspects. While there aren’t always profound lessons waiting, there is usually at least the benefit of a fresh perspective. 

Where are you looking for inspiration to fine tune your company and your people?

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