HumanQ Coach Spotlight

HumanQ Coach Spotlight: Moe Hashimi

Coach Spotlight | Moe Hashimi | United Kingdom

HumanQ: What is one ingredient in your Coaching “secret sauce” that makes you unique?
Moe : I am able to call people out on their limiting beliefs and narratives without offending them.
HumanQ: Should a Coach have their own Coach? Why or why not?
Moe : That would depend on the intention. Having a Coach is not a necessity if one experiences regular Coaching as a Coachee in other forms, such as being part of a Coachee Community.
HumanQ: What is the most powerful question a leader can ask someone they are Coaching?
Moe : “How do you want it to be instead?”
HumanQ: What do you think stops us from being our best selves and living our best lives?
Moe : At a young age, our minds have been falsely conditioned by outside circumstances and our upbringing. Coaching helps to bring awareness to this, so we can become our True Selves.
HumanQ: If you had a Magic Coach Wand and could help someone develop a new way of thinking overnight, what would it be?
Moe : That the only relationship that truly matters, is the one you’re stuck with until the day you die, which is the relationship between your conscious self and your unconscious self.

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