HumanQ Coach Spotlight

HumanQ Coach Spotlight: Vonzel Sawyer

Coach Spotlight | Vonzel Sawyer | Hillsborough, NC

HumanQ: Was there ever something that someone taught you during your career that had a major impact and changed you?
Vonzel : I learned to stop and regain focus to control the “head trash”. This slang term was referring to all the clutter in my head that was preventing me from moving forward at the time.
HumanQ: What has been your biggest failure and what did you learn from that experience?
Vonzel : I learned to trust my instinct, which is a very powerful tool to harness. By not trusting my instinct at a very critical juncture, it cost me $220K. Sometimes all it takes is to stop, pause and ask “why doesn’t this feel right”?
HumanQ: If you had a Magic Coach Wand and could help someone develop a new way of thinking overnight, what would it be?
Vonzel : Envision your life as you’d like it to be, including imagining behaviors and outcomes. Then make the decision to actually live that vision in real life.
HumanQ: What is the most powerful question a leader can ask someone they are coaching?
Vonzel : “Who is it you really want to be?”
HumanQ: What do you think stops us from being our best selves and living our best lives?
Vonzel : Not taking enough risks in finding our meaning in life and then expecting a return when we haven’t put in the work.

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