HumanQ Coach Spotlight

HumanQ Coach Spotlight: Lisa Lebowitz

Coach Spotlight | Lisa Lebowitz | Cleveland, Ohio

HumanQ: What is something someone taught you during your career that had a major impact and changed you?
Lisa : I had a boss/mentor who regularly said “Relationship before the task.” I am very achievement-oriented and like to “get things done!“ However, once I realized the importance of building relationships and trust, getting things done became so much easier! Building relationships is an ongoing endeavor, not just when you need something.
HumanQ: What legacy would you like to leave behind as a Coach?
Lisa : I want to know that I helped to make a difference in the careers and lives of those that I have coached. Success is seeing others that I have worked with succeed.
HumanQ: If you had a Magic Coach Wand and could help someone develop a new way of thinking overnight, what would it be?
Lisa : What is in your control? We waste a lot of energy complaining about things that we don’t have control over. Instead, think about what is in your span of control. No matter what level you are in an organization, there are actions that you DO have control over.
HumanQ: What do you think stops us from being our best selves and living our best lives?
Lisa : Fear. We are so nervous about failing that we don’t take chances. If we shift to a growth mindset, then taking chances are opportunities to grow and develop. If we fail, then hopefully we have learned for next time. We will never learn to swim if we don’t jump off the diving board in the first place!
HumanQ: What is the most powerful question a leader can ask someone they are Coaching?
Lisa : I have two…1) What would success look like? This helps Coachees consider and articulate what they want. Too often we want to change but not sure what to change toward. 2) What is one way you can be more courageous? When Coachees say they lack confidence, it is really about having more courageous moments. If you think about being more courageous, confidence will come organically.

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